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I'm a Career Coach for women in the AEC industry. I'll help you break the glass ceiling so you don't fall victim to the old boys network!

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You're a smart, high achieving woman in the Architectural, Engineering or Construction industry. You're an ambitious person who likes to explore all life has to offer and people admire you for that.  

You've got the career, the spouse, the nice house and decent income but feel stressed out and burned out.  As a Female AEC professional you push yourself really hard to reach impossible goals. You want to stand out so you check all the boxes to ensure perfect results while still meeting your deadlines. At home you have a lot on your plate too, you're the one who cleans the house, runs the kids to soccer practice and cooks dinner every night. 

In clocking in all that billable time maybe you’ve missed soccer games, dinner dates and family gatherings and you certainly don't have time to maintain a home or meal prep!!

I don't want you to feel alienated anymore, I want to see you fulfilled, living into your God given gifts and loving your career and life. 

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In one session Bryce helped me get clarity on how to handle a transition from a difficult employer to creating my own business. The quick result rather stunned me because for several months I had been dealing with intense stress over the situation, and suddenly the stress was gone. Since then I’ve been stress-free and steadily moving forward in establishing my new business. Thank you, Bryce!

- Mary R

Bryce is an exceptional career coach. She has been able to streamline my vision and help me gain the confidence I needed in my career change. She was able to take my lack of direction and turn it into an actionable step by step plan with clear goals. Her recruiting knowledge and outstanding listening skills are a powerful combination for anyone looking to change jobs or careers.

- Jenn R

I shifted from feeling unsure that I’d find a job to confident and excited for what was out there.
I was able to streamline what I was looking for and what I wasn’t.
I felt confident in my abilities, experience and skills as I was applying and interviewing for jobs.
A couple weeks after beginning to meet with Bryce, I went through an extensive interview process. I felt empowered and confident in every interaction. Bryce was there to debrief with me and to give perspective and encouragement. I received an offer for that job and I knew that this was exactly what I had been waiting on.

- Kristine R