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Does the “glass ceiling” really exist, or are your assumptions preventing your advancement?
Are you a victim of the “Old Boys Network”?
Has your work life thrown your personal life out of balance?

As a Certified, Career Coach I will assist you with examining your work satisfiers, core values and beliefs. We’ll work through your limiting beliefs and change your mindset. Talk through your work history, skills and passions. As your coach I will help you set, and reach, long-term goals for advancement and financial success. Develop work/life management skills unique to the needs of women in the workplace.
Accept that, at times, work and life may be a bit out of balance but, that’s OK.

what if you could be happy in your career

and at home

Get clear on your God-given gifts and use them to find the best career path for you. Switch careers with ease and become more aligned with your true purpose. Learn how to re-frame negative events that happened in the past. Learn how to target the right contacts on Linkedin and get in touch with the decision makers.  Learn how to negotiate what you're worth and find out what employers are paying for your skills. Make a plan for your life and career and let me help you get there! 

get the promotion you want

get in front of the right people and level up

dive into that new career or position

i want this!

whats included:

1:1 Coaching

Group Coaching

Joh Hunt help

We'll work together one on one to develop the clarity and confidence you need to move to the next level.  I'll coach you every step of the way, once a week for the next 3 months.  

Exclusive application only process that allows us to work together as a small close knit group. Bi-weekly 3 month coaching course so you can live your best life at home and in your career. 

Expertise comes with experience. Let's work together to get your resume in front of the decision makers. Polish off your resume and project list. Nail the interview and get the offer you're looking for. We'll make sure your resume doesn't get stuck in the ATS system and never seen, set up mock interviews and I'll personally help you with any negotiations!.

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as seen in

In one session Bryce helped me get clarity on how to handle a transition from a difficult employer to creating my own business. The quick result rather stunned me because for several months I had been dealing with intense stress over the situation, and suddenly the stress was gone. Since then I’ve been stress-free and steadily moving forward in establishing my new business. Thank you, Bryce!

- Mary R

Bryce is an exceptional career coach. She has been able to streamline my vision and help me gain the confidence I needed in my career change. She was able to take my lack of direction and turn it into an actionable step by step plan with clear goals. Her recruiting knowledge and outstanding listening skills are a powerful combination for anyone looking to change jobs or careers.

- Jenn R

I shifted from feeling unsure that I’d find a job to confident and excited for what was out there.
I was able to streamline what I was looking for and what I wasn’t.
I felt confident in my abilities, experience and skills as I was applying and interviewing for jobs.
A couple weeks after beginning to meet with Bryce, I went through an extensive interview process. I felt empowered and confident in every interaction. Bryce was there to debrief with me and to give perspective and encouragement. I received an offer for that job and I knew that this was exactly what I had been waiting on.

- Kristine R

this is for you if,

You're tired of the business travel, lack of advancement, or low salary. 

You don't like your boss, your daily tasks or company culture.

You want to spend more time with your family, you're tired of all the long hours.

You're lacking job satisfaction, women mentors or role models and you're sick of the boys club mentality.

You're tired of the inflexible work schedule and ready to burst through the glass ceiling

i'm ready

the investment

1:1 Coaching

assistance w/ your job search

-12, weekly 50 min zoom calls

-job strategy and plan

-access to me via voxer

-Work together on your resume

-Job search tools and tips

-interview Support & Guidance

Personalized Career Coaching Program & Strategy* Intended Outcomes* Goals & Objectives* Personalized frameworks to assist in career development* Support and feedback and most importantly results

A proven step-by-step model for career change* Voxer and Facebook Group Access to me* PDF Handouts* exercises, and worksheets to help you reinvent your career* Accountability and uplifting community support

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Sign me up!